VISON Beautiful Village in TAKIVISON Beautiful Village in TAKI


Rejoicing in life. With a sigh,
knowing it’s good to be alive.
You may experience many such vivid moments.

Taki Town is located in central Mie Prefecture,
with easy access to Ise Jingu Shrine and the Kumano Kodo Trail.
Taki’s Japanese characters can be understood to mean
“A place that nurtures abundant life.”
That’s part of this land’s rich backstory.
At VISON, a fresh and joyous experience of
healing, food, and learning awaits.

Rejuvenating at VISON.
Taki is a region with an abundance of medicinal plants, where honzogaku—the traditional study of healing herbs and other natural sources— has flourished since ancient times.
Many renowned herbalist scholars have come from Taki, including Genjo Noro.
Fast forward to today. Our HONZO lab., medicinal herb gardens, and HONZO spa
have taken honzogaku to a new level. Here we offer a variety of hot baths incorporating the flora of the area
and reflecting the four seasons.
Our three varieties of honzo-inspired spas—classic, seasonal, and mineral-based— are a boon for beauty and health.
They’ll let you slow down, unwind and rejuvenate in the moment.

Food at VISON.
Chefs from Japan, chefs from overseas. Using ingredients from Mie and
local vegetables bursting with vitality, shops compete to produce the finest dish
and an unforgettably delicious culinary experience.

At WA-VISON you’ll experience the charm and depth of Japanese food culture
as it has been passed down through the generations,
with an assembly of world-class Japanese restaurants.

Local farmers gather at Marché Vison with
produce picked fresh in the morning.

There's even an organic farm, a cacao farm, and a strawberry greenhouse.
The fresh ingredients grown here find their way
directly to the cuisine you are served.
Savoring such delicacies will also let you
taste the cycle of life.

Learning at VISON.
Not merely receiving knowledge, but
understanding its essence through the senses while having fun.
Such irreplaceable experience is true luxury.

In the Washoku area is a center with some of Japan’s
leading makers of traditional foods where you can have fun learning,
and join workshops related to miso, soy sauce, mirin, and dashi, and more.
Atelier VISON exhibits a collection of valuable cooking utensils,
showcasing the importance VISON places on food.
There you can experience traditional culture, creating, communicating, and learning, with the chance to make purchases.

There’s also an area with a Wood Play theme,
where kids can get in touch with trees and wood and learn while having fun,
experiencing woodcutting and biodiversity in the midst of nature.

VISON strives to be a place where we are part of a beautiful cycle,
where all moves towards the joy of knowing.

Where whether guests are reinvigorating, dining, or having fun,
they are living and being brought to life, in harmony with nature.
The staff who welcome you also live in the region,
and are invigorated by this place.
At VISON, we help visitors have the experience of their lives, while creating a place
where they can consider what a positive future might look like.