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Privacy Policy

Vison Taki Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "the Company") provides this business portal site for VISON, a commercial facility operated by the Company (hereinafter "VISON"). We operate with the utmost care to protect your personal information so you can use it rest assured. At VISON, personal information may be provided at your own discretion. Any personal information you provide, we handle with the utmost care in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy applies when you use VISON's services. It does not apply to personal customer information obtained by parties who advertise at VISON or companies that provide information or services through VISON. It does not apply to those who are not VISON customers. The Privacy Policy does not apply to external websites linked to from VISON’s website.

Collecting Personal Information

VISON may automatically obtain information like your name, title, zip code, address, location, telephone number, and e-mail address when you register to use our various services or make inquiries. In order to help improve our products and services and to provide you with relevant information, we may ask about your interests and the services you use. We may also obtain transaction records and payment information from business partners regarding their business with you. In addition, we automatically obtain information including the advertisements and pages you view, your usage environment, IP address, and cookie information from your browser. The acquired information will be used for the purposes described in "Use of Personal Information" below.

Use of Personal Information

VISON uses the information it acquires mainly for the following purposes.

  • ・To provide services
  • ・To charge for using our services
  • ・To help make the registration process when using our services more convenient
  • ・To confirm and modify your registration information and usage status
  • ・To confirm a customer’s identity when we are contacted regarding changes of service, loss of ID, etc.
  • ・In the event that a person’s actions adversely affect other customers or the operation of a service, to identify the person and take measures that may include suspension of use
  • ・To send you information regarding the services you have applied for, new services, and other services
  • ・To better understand those who use our services, and to develop and provide services that are more attractive and valuable to them
  • ・To analyze usage and inform advertisers and information providers regarding the kind of advertisements and information that is most effective on our website In such cases, analysis results containing personally identifiable information will not be provided to third parties.
  • ・In connection with the provision of the services, to use advertisements, promotions, and other materials related to the products or services of third parties, including our business partners, and to send emails or direct mail for various events and special offers
  • ・Other uses within the scope of consent obtained from the customer

Management of Personal Information

The Company has implemented strict security measures to prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of personal information under our control. Personal information is stored in a safe environment inaccessible to general users. The Company will not disclose personal information to third parties except in the following cases.

  • ・With the consent of the person her/himself
  • ・In the event we receive a referral or request following procedures prescribed by law from an investigative agency or similar organization, or else in line with other legally binding orders or procedures
  • ・When it is disclosed or provided in line with "Use of Personal Information" as stated above
  • ・When we outsource shipping, payment processing, or other services. However, we will only do so if we have confirmed that sufficient measures are in place to prevent the leakage of personal information.
  • ・When it is deemed necessary to protect the rights, property, or services of the Company or other companies due to a customer's violation of laws, regulations, rules, or guidelines in relation to the use of our services, and we are unable to obtain the customer’s consent.
  • ・When there is an urgent need involving imminent danger to human life, physical safety, or property, and we are unable to obtain the customer’s consent.
  • ・To send you information regarding the services you have applied for, new services, and other services
  • ・To better understand those who use our services and to develop and provide services that are more attractive and offer better value. In such cases, analysis results containing personally identifiable information
  • ・広告主や情報提供元などに、どのような広告や情報などを掲載・提供して頂くのが効果的かを分析して提供するため。この場合、個人が特定されるような情報が含まれた分析結果が第三者に提供される事はありません。

Changing, modifying, or deleting registered information

The Company tries to keep our customers’ personal information as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Upon request from the customer, we will disclose the registered information upon confirming the customer’s identity. In addition, we will add, change, update, or delete registered information upon request. (We may change your registered information if there are changes to your city, town, or village of residence, zip code, or other information that may interfere with our ability to provide services or bill you if not updated. )

Use of server logs

As with other webpages, VISON logs your IP address, browser type, and other data on our server. This data is used mainly to improve our services for the following purposes. The information does not identify individuals.
However, users may see ads distributed by third parties. In connection with this, such third parties may acquire and use information of VISON’s visitors, including that regarding cookies.
Cookie information obtained by third parties will be handled in accordance with their respective privacy policies.
Users can opt out of receiving advertising that uses cookies and other information from third parties by visiting the opt-out page on the relevant third party's website.


When you visit a webpage, cookies save your history and information sent and received between your browser and the server as a file on your computer. The next time you visit the same page, the page provider can use the information in the cookie to cater the display to you. If your browser is set to allow cookies, the website will be able to retrieve them from your browser. To protect your privacy, your browser only sends cookies exchanged with the relevant website's server.

Modifications and changes

The Company may modify or change this Privacy Policy. If this occurs, the revised Privacy Policy will be published on the VISON website.