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About the Facility

About accommodation

  • Please book from the Reservations page on the VISON HOTEL website.

  • A portion of the HONZO Spa bathing facility’s parking lot is a designated car stay area. Please use HONZO Spa for bathing and eat at restaurants on the VISON property.

    【Usage fee】 2,000 yen per night / vehicle

    Please submit a Car Stay Request at the HONZO Spa’s front desk and let them know your license plate number.
    You’ll pay the parking fee at checkout.
    ※ Note that a parking fee may be displayed on the parking machine as per the regular system, but you won’t need to pay it.

    【Bathing facility】 「HONZO Spa」

    6:00 - 24:00
    Adults (junior high school students and older)
    800 yen
    Children (3 years old to elementary school)
    400 yen
    ※ Free for children under 3 years old