VISON Beautiful Village in TAKIVISON Beautiful Village in TAKI

Atelier VISON

Produced by Koichi Uchida, a ceramicist based in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, this area promotes Japan’s culinary culture through kitchen utensils such as knives, pots, and tableware. It works to help revitalize traditional industries by being a place to “make, communicate, learn, and buy.” The main facility consists of the KATACHI museum, which exhibits cooking utensils and other items related to food cultures from around the world, as well as the KATACHI museum shop. There is also Gallery uhaku and SUTUDIO 672, a ceramics workshop where you can see artisans creating their works. The area is also home to Sarutahiko Coffee’s Isekuni Taki shop, a spacious location where you can enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee.

Shops at this facility