VISON Beautiful Village in TAKIVISON Beautiful Village in TAKI

Marché VISON

The Marché VISON market, supervised by Michelin Guide Paris one-star chef Ryuji Teshima, may offer the most lavish lineup of fresh food you have ever seen. You can purchase fresh vegetables and other produce picked fresh that morning at the Keitora Marché, a convenient market for local growers. There is also a large collection of shops offering fresh delicacies from land and sea around Mie, including Matsusaka beef from Wakatake, a boutique butcher shop run by a local producer, maguro tuna from Nachikatsuura, Wakayama Prefecture, and seasonal seafood such as Ise spiny lobster and abalone straight from Ise-Shima. Other stalls include Amagoya Nakagawa, run by ama divers from Osatsu, Toba where they are famous, and rue de Terrasse, a barbecue and drink stand where you can enjoy its fare on the spot. You can also order off the take-out menu put together by Chef Teshima.

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