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San Sebastián St.

San Sebastián, Spain is known as one of the world’s great gastronomic cities. In January 2017, Taki Town signed a "Gourmet Certificate of Friendship” with it. This area was named San Sebastián Street in commemoration of that friendship. Some of the establishments along the street include 3 popular San Sebastián bars, the Kashiho Imuraya Japanese sweet shop, the Ise Pudding no Tetsujin custard specialty shop, and Koji Saryo, a café produced by the Uonuma Jozo and run by Marukome Corporation. There are also popular lifestyle stores such as "mina perhonen museum and museum shop" which sells brand-name fashions, "D&DEPARTMENT MIE by VISON" and "Kuruminoki museum and shop.” It is a bustling street where you can enjoy some shopping and eat your fill.

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