VISON Beautiful Village in TAKIVISON Beautiful Village in TAKI


The facility features an array of workshops and specialty stores hosting makers of Japanese ingredients like mirin cooking sake, bonito broth, and sake. The shops include Okui Kaiseido, a veteran kelp maker; Kuranoya, a miso and hana-koji (fermentation starter) specialty store; and Ise Shoyu Honpo, a shop run by a soy sauce brewery. All of the shops hold events and workshops from time to time where you can do things like observe the manufacturing process, experience mirin cooking sake making, and learn about different types of miso and kelp. It’s a place where visitors can learn about and experience Japan’s food culture and the ingredients used in traditional Japanese cuisine, as well as the background of their manufacturing. In addition, the area has restaurants serving world-famous Japanese dishes like sushi, tempura, eel, sukiyaki hot pot, and soba noodles that will give you a deeper appreciation of the cuisine’s appeal.

Shops at this facility