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Honzo is a study and discipline that has been developed over many years by researching the effects of various plants and minerals on humans. Since its introduction from China in ancient times, it has been incorporated into the daily lives of the Japanese to help regulate the body. In the Edo period (1603-1867), its research flourished even more. Genjo Noro, an herbalist scholar from Taki, is said to have contributed greatly to its development. Steeped in the traditions of Mie, through honzo we work to awaken the senses and restore the body and mind, helping people regain their true vitality. Promoting joint research between Mie University and Rohto Pharmaceutical, VISON is working toward the creation of a new study of health and beauty based on honzo, and rethinking how to integrate it in modern life. To this end we created our thermal baths, the HONZO lab. and medicinal herb gardens.

Our bathing facility provides medicinal herb baths that draw on the knowledge of honzo. VISON has formulated its own Honzo 72 Shichijuniko* concept with herbal baths unique to this region that change with the seasons. They incorporate a combination of the ancient 72 micro-season way of thought which describes weather patterns and changes in plants and animals, pre-modern Shinto inspired calendars, and the climate and customs of the Taki region. HONZO lab. develops original herbal blends that are introduced every 5 days and monthly. Utilizing herbs cultivated in gardens on the VISON property and elsewhere in Mie, they provide a variety of benefits. Experience for yourself Mie’s healthy lifestyle and rich natural setting with its changing seasons, and indulge in a special kind of rejuvenation that you’ll only find here.

*The 72 micro-seasons (shichijuniko)
One way the seasons were represented in ancient China was with the 72 micro-season concept. It involved 24 divisions indicating the seasonal changes that occurred every half month to weather patterns, flora and fauna. These were then further divided into roughly five-day intervals.

Gourmet & Shop

  • Japanese food

    Kasaan Sanpiryoron

    Here, in the midst of Mother Nature, you can soak in a hot spring bath, take your time and unwind, and enjoy a delicious Japanese-style meal with your friends or family.
    Kasaan is a low-key Japanese restaurant with the motto of "skill, flavor, and a playful spirit."
    The proprietor, named Kasahara, wants to help create memories for Kasaan’s customers.
    「The restaurant is so good that Kasahara would like to be a customer too.

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  • リラクゼーション・マッサージ

    Wellness Salon by

    Run by the beauty designer Saly Suzuki from Mellorca, Spain. Wellness = a state of energetic living where both body and mind shine. The salon provides world-class wellness offerings, helping you revitalize along with Taki’s incredibly pure water and life-giving air. In addition to offerings that help you breathe easy like herbal head dhalas utilizing all parts of the plants, including the flowers, leaves, and roots, athletic techniques that aide emotional cleansing, and Saly Beutism’s fragrance release approach, the facility provides services using products from Lakshmi, an organic cosmetic brand from Italy that incorporates botany and the wisdom of Ayurveda.

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  • mineral mist bath

    mineral mist bath Le Furo

    Le Furo offers a new way of bathing that they call “Yu-wo-Abiru.”
    By wrapping the entire body in a mist rich with over 30 kinds of high-quality natural minerals, extracted using special techniques from a rare geological layer called the "thermal spring shale formation," the body is warmed by its own metabolism, leading to a pleasant sweat. The metabolism boost relieves fatigue, helps with weight loss, and leaves the skin supple and moisturized.

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  • natural café & herb

    HONZO lab. RINNE

    Sells Japanese herbal tea and various items related to healthy living, like household goods, soap, cosmetics and culinary ingredients. Herbalists, experienced farmers, and food-savvy staff are available to meet your needs. They also have an organic vegan-themed café, and hold workshops on original Japanese herbal teas run by plant therapist Nanae Suzuki.

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